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RESOURCE TABS – Black Menu Bar

Resource Tabs (black menu bar)

The black menu bar contains the resources needed to create your custom product:
  • product information
  • ordering fields (qty, size, color)
  • price calculations
  • design tools
  • artwork elements
  • printing information
The following resource tab labels are found on the black menu bar:
  • Product
  • Templates
  • Images
  • Clipart
  • Shapes
  • Text
  • Drawing
  • Layers

TIP: Watch for small context-sensitive icons (easy to miss) that open additional controls/settings for the various design tools. They will popup on the white toolbar (under the blue menu bar) when using various design resources (tabs on black menu bar).


This tab includes product information and attributes.

There are color and size options for you to select to place your order. When you change quantity, an attribute, or change printing method table the price is updated automatically.

Pricing calculations for the current item with printing can be found at the bottom of this product pane.

To add a product to cart, just press “Add To Cart” button. After adding to cart, you can change design or attribute, but the cart info is not updated with new changes unless you press the Update Cart button.

Each color must be added to the shopping cart separately.

Multiple Colors – Quick Tip: When purchasing different colors of the same item, this will save you a bit of time. After saving the first color of the item to the shopping cart, immediately close  the subsequent pop-up window (“X out” top right from the confirmation window). Then continue directly to the next color. You wll avoid leaving ZD to go back to the main website for each color.

To change to another product, leave Zwik Designer and return to the product listings on the website.


Select an existing template from the library and edit individual elements within the template with custom elements that fit your purpose!  

Use the search box and categories filter to help you find what you are looking for.


The Images tab allows you to import your own graphic files and pictures, or choose from the huge library of images available.

Use the search box and categories filter to help you find what you are looking for.

To use them, just click on them to add to the design editor.

Image Toolbar (more…)

ZD Images Search


To use text in your design, just click this tab and select pre-made text styles or select a font style you want to add.

To get more font styles, just press the button to Load More Fonts and a new popup will show up which will allow you add more fonts to the list.

Text Toolbar (more…)

ZD text


This tab includes a library of clipart images.

Use the search box and categories filter to help you find what you are looking for.

To view more details about a clipart, just mouseover the (i) icon, the large viewer shows up with more clipart details, if available.

To add a clipart to your design area, just click on it.

ZD clipart


Shapes have vector format which helps the design have smooth details for zoom or export to big size without losing quality.

To add a shape to your design area, just click on it.

ZD shapes


This tab allows freehand drawing.  

You can select color and size of the bush.

Click on the color you want to use and draw what you want into editor area.


A layer is created each time you use a different type of resource. 

All layers which you added to the design will display on this tab. You can show/hide layers via the visibility option, or delete layers.

To change the visibility order (backward or forward layers), just drag and drop them on the list.

Lock/Unlock layers to enable/disable the use of tools on that layer.

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