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Important Note on Colors:
Colors represented in the Zwik Designer customization tool are computer generated from the Pantone PMS color codes provided by the manufacturers, and may not appear as accurate as photographs of the actual garment or fabric.  Certain colors (e.g. heather colors) have even more pronounced differences. For the most accurate color representations, please refer to photographs of actual products or fabric swatches.
Additionally, the appearance of colors may vary with individuals’ display hardware and properties.
Authorization Hold, Order Review & Acceptance:
Upon order submission, an authorization hold will be placed on your account.  Zwik will then manually review your submitted order.  For custom print purchases, we will verify the accuracy of the system color count and related print fee charges.  We will ensure the design quality is production ready, review availability of base products, inform you of any problems, and adjust fees accordingly before finalizing your charges.

Thank you for your order! – Gary & Michelle