HELP: Zwik Designer


Sorry, this Zwik Designer Help Guide is under construction.

Image toolbar

After an image has been added to the product in the design area, a set of image toolbar options become available.

To enable those options, just click on an image and you will see a toolbar as shown below.

Crop Image

The image is cropped with the exact position you put into the viewer.

How to crop an image? (coming soon) 

Image Mask

Do you want to make text with complex background from another image?

Yeah, it does that with Text Mask feature.

How to create text with mask background? View more (coming soon)

Remove Background

Sometimes you have light or dark background which make image ugly, and you want to remove them.

Doing that with this feature is easy.

Check tutorial how to remove background image (coming soon)

Image Filter Effects

This feature helps you make the image have a great effect as a filter of the camera.

There are 20+ effects ready to use.

View more tutorial apply image effects (coming soon)

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