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Select from our BASICS collection of popular customizable apparel items (no minimum order), or from our extensive BIG Catalog for the lowest prices on bulk quantity purchases.  Our BIG Catalog has thousands of SKUs from top brands of printable apparel and accessories.
Zwik Designer is our feature-rich free online design tool that is available for you to import/create/edit your designs.
BASICS purchases automatically utilize Zwik Designer to process the order.
To purchase from the BIG Catalog, select blank merchandise and ALSO use the Quote Request & Upload Form to provide the rest of the print order information. We will then return a single quote to you with merchandise and printing costs, and a single convenient secure transaction link.
We can also provide Custom DTF Transfers for use with a commercial heat press.

ANY: Logo, Photo, Graphic, or Text

FOR YOUR: Organization, Event, Special Purpose, Style or Message
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Which track is right for me?

  • BASICS Collection
No Minimum Order
  • BIG Catalog

Minimum Order $150

(to avoid surcharge)

Whether the BASICS track or the BIG Catalog track is the right one for you is primarily dependant upon the size of your order.

Each track has its own line of printable blank merchandise, and each track has it’s own ordering process.

Are you purchasing at least $150 of blank apparel (before printing costs)?

Orders under $150 from the BIG Catalog will be accepted, but are subject to a $30 surcharge due to the lower efficiency of processing smaller orders.  This $150 is for only blank merchandise, and not including printing charges.

While prices are dependant on style, size, etc, $150 in blank apparel is roughly equivalent to any of these examples:

  • 35 T-Shirts
  • 13 Polos
  • 8 Hoodies

…and even less quantity if premium quality (higher priced) goods, or a large proportion of larger sizes are included.

If you are still unsure if your order will reach the $150 level,  simply check our BIG Catalog prices now.


Collection of the Most Popular Styles

NO Minimum Order

BASICS are ideal up to $150 worth of blanks


Your BASICS order is created using Zwik Designer.

After you select an item from the BASICS collection, you will automatically be launched into Zwik Designer.

In Zwik Designer you specify the item’s color, sizes, quantities, and design printing. You may create/import/edit your artwork in Zwik Designer, which will then calculate and add the printing costs.

Some of the features of Zwik Designer are listed below.

Or, you can bypass the Zwik Designer design feature to submit your artwork separately by using our Upload Form while using the available dummy image placeholder in Zwik Designer.

You may want to submit your artwork separately from Zwik Designer that you use to place your BASICS order.  Reasons include:

  • If you already have your final artwork file(s), and just want the simplest upload method.
  • If your artwork is not yet final or available.

You can complete your BASICS order in Zwik Designer using the dummy image placeholder(s) there instead of your actual design, so that the printing charges can be properly calculated.  Then, just use our easy Quote Request & Upload Form to transmit your artwork.

The image placeholder in Zwik Designer can be found with the “Library” button under the “Images” menu tab.  Place one image on each side being printed.

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BIG Catalog

Lowest Prices on THOUSANDS of SKUs

$150 Minimum Purchase

$30 surcharge under $150 of blanks

BIG Catalog Track

Use the Quote Request & Upload Form TOGETHER with the BIG Catalog to create your custom quote and setup your order.

The BIG Catalog shopping cart “checkout” transmits a purchase inquiry for blank apparel to our support team (NOT a binding purchase order). 

After submitting your BIG Catalog shopping cart inquiry, the next step is our Quote Request & Upload Form to submit your artwork, print job requirements, and to communicate any information or questions about your project.

We will match together your merchandise inquiry (transmitted by your BIG Catalog “checkout”) and your print quote request (from the Quote Request & Upload Form),  and a quote will be generated.

We will then email your quote to you with a link to easily and securely purchase your custom package as a single transaction on our website.

Zwik Designer Features

Online Design Tool

zd screenshot 1
click image to enlarge
Use Zwik Designer on desktop (NOT phone).
Printing more than one side?  $AVE!  Use coupon code.

Use Zwik Designer on desktop (NOT phone).

Printing more than one side?

$AVE!  Use coupon code.

BASICS hot seller

Gildan 2000 ULTRA Cotton

your design here zwik
From our BASICS Collection
NO minimum purchase
Gildan Logo
DURABLE 6.1oz., 100% Pre-shrunk ULTRA cotton (beyond “heavy” cotton), Gildan 2000
  • Classic fit
  • Jersey knit
  • Seamless double needle 7/8″ crew neck collar
  • Double needle sleeve and bottom hems
  • Taped neck and shoulders for durability
  • Quarter-turned to eliminate center crease
  • Tubular fit for minimal torque

Includes T-Shirt & UNLIMITED Color Printing

Any Color Gildan 2000
Pricing for sizes: Small-XL
One Side
Two Sides
Upcharge for larger sizes:
2XL+$3 | 3XL+$5 | 4XL, 5XL +$6


Free Shipping (over $150)

ADVANTAGE 100% ULTRA COTTON:  This style #2000 durable 6.1oz ULTRA cotton is a heavier quality shirt than Gildan style #5000 5.3oz “heavy” cotton which is cheaper, and commonly promoted by other vendors.  We advise the quality difference is well worth the cost difference for shirts intended for long term use.  We can also provide the lighter weight, but otherwise comparable, style #5000 Heavy Cotton at a lower cost – great for event, promotional, or novelty purposes.


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Pricing for T-Shirt 
with Printing
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Example Quantities

   Qty   |   One Side    |   Both Sides

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 1          $15.90           $22.11
 12         $11.40           $15.09


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24         $9.90            $13.90
50         $9.40            $13.05

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Use both sides coupon code
Free Shipping (over $150)
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ADVANTAGE 100% ULTRA Cotton:  This style #2000 durable 6.1oz ULTRA cotton is a  heavier quality shirt than Gildan style #5000 5.3oz “heavy” cotton which is cheaper, and commonly promoted by other vendors.  We advise the quality difference is well worth the cost difference for shirts intended for long term use.  We can also provide the lighter weight, but otherwise comparable, style #5000 at lower cost ($0.80 LESS from above prices for #5000 Heavy Cotton in white), great for event, promotional or novelty use.


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BASICS Collection (no min purch)

print prices calculated separately in Zwik Designer

We're where your wear is!

We're where your wear is!

Bulk Orders Welcome

Expert Production & Service

Make Something Different

Zwik Designer

Online Customization Tool

Great Brands & Styles

Men’s, Women’s  & Youth

Whether you’re pouring your heart and soul into a special personal design, or you shoulder the responsibility for your organization’s bulk order on a tight budget, we can glide you through your custom apparel project from design to delivery.

If you have a commercial heat press, we can provide you with the highest quality unlimited color Custom DTF Transfers.

We utilize various print methods including DTF, HTV, sublimation, and screen printing.  Don’t fret the tech, we’ll choose the optimal solution for you (unless you have a preference, then let us know).

Allow us to help you make your project a success from concept to fabric-ation.  Our prices won’t take the shirt off your back.  Contact us for any assistance or a quote.  WE CARE!

DIY Heat Press

Custom DTF Transfer Prints

 Direct to Film

Digital Transfer Film

  • You design
  • We print
  • You press

High Quality


DIY heat press your transfer

Commercial Heat Press Required

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