HELP: Zwik Designer

file, print, help, undo, price, cart, etc.

This blue menu bar contains similar housekeeping functions that are typically found in all types of applications. Functions include: file, print, help, undo, price, & shopping cart. (Alternatively, the black menu bar contains product info, design tools, and design elements.)


  • Import file:  Import a design from your local drive that you previously exported from Zwik Designer with a .lumi filename extension.
  • Clear all:  Clear current design to empty; essentially the same as starting a NEW file.
  • Save to My Designs:  Save the current design to your LOCAL device drive for your own convenient future use. (This does NOT place it into Shopping Cart, your account, or export the file).
  • Save as file: Export the current content in the design area to a file with .lumi extension on your local drive. File can then be saved, emailed, and imported back into any user’s Zwik Designer to allow shared editing.

file menu - zd help

My Designs

Save your design to “MyDesigns” to easily add it to different product colors or other items in the future. (STORED TO LOCAL HARD DRIVE, NOT ACCOUNT)


my designs - zd help


  • In App Quick Help (convenient, but limited)
  • Hot Keys
Help - Hot Keys


ZD Help undo-redo

Total Price


On right side of blue menu bar.

Shopping Cart

Far right side of blue menu bar. More about shopping cart.

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