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If you are using the BIG Catalog process, and you don’t already have completed artwork for your design, you may elect to ALSO use our Zwik Designer customization application for your design.

In Zwik Designer you can create, import and edit your artwork, and then submit it to us through a zero cost shopping cart checkout. Select the Universal Template as your blank product template to design on.

Then continue with the rest of the BIG Catalog process. Use the Quote Request Form (without artwork) to convey the rest of your print job information. DO submit your BIG Catalog blank product inquiry.

The BIG Catalog quote process will then look like this:
  • Zwik Designer – Use for your artwork.
    • Select the “Universal Template” as the blank product.
    • Quantities may be ignored.
    • Checkout from shopping cart ($0.00) to submit when completed.
  • Quote Request Form – Use for print job requirements.
  • BIG Catalog –  Use for blank products. Send inquiry from shopping cart.

We will bundle all your requirements into one simple price quote.

Zwik Designer Features

  • Import, create and edit YOUR design
  • Huge library of editable templates, clipart, photo images, art elements & fonts
  • Powerful editing tools & features
  • Context-sensitive (popup) design tool controls
  • Easy to use
  • Free
You may import your existing artwork through the “images” tab, OR create a new design. Edit.

Universal Template

In the design area in Zwik Designer, use the “stages” icon on the right side to scroll through and select the closest appropriate template(s) to work on:

  • Rectangular Portrait
  • Rectangular Landscape
  • Generic Shirt Front
  • Generic Shirt Back
To submit your finished artwork, just checkout your shopping cart (FREE for Universal Template).

Universal Template

  • FAQ’s
  • Usage Guide
  • Help
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