BIG Catalog

BIG Catalog

  • $100 minimum order
Ordering from our BIG Catalog is a 2 ORDER PROCESS:
  • One for customizable blanks
  • Another for printing
(The Big Catalog ordering process differs from ordering from our Basic collection, which results in one single order that combines blank products and printing.)

1)  Select from our BIG Catalog to order blank merchandise

Your purchase request will first be transmitted to us for quick review (availability, etc.).

Then we will communicate back to you with a purchase link to complete your transaction.

BIG Catalog
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Categories Menu

Categories Menu - BIG Catalog
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Brands Menu

Brands Menu - BIG Catalog
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2)  Customize Design, Submit Artwork, Order Printing

  • Use Zwik Designer – universal template (preferred)
  • Email your graphic file(s) to [email protected], and we will respond with a special item link for purchase.
Upload your artwork through the Zwik Designer “images” tab, OR create a new design.
Scroll through available views (“stages”) from within the the Zwik Designer design space to use most appropriate universal/generic/blank template:
  • rectangular portrait
  • rectangular landscape
  • generic shirt front
  • generic shirt back
Best usage results with Zwik Designer are with desktop or tablet (not phone).

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