UNIVERSAL TEMPLATE – Use Zwik Designer to Upload/Create Design & Get Print Price


Customize (Zwik Designer)
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Zwik Designer is our free tool for you to upload/create/edit your printable designs and obtain printing prices.  Upload your existing artwork (use “Images” tab) and/or utilize our extensive library of design templates, elements, and editing tools.

Use this universal template in conjunction with base products from our BIG Catalog or in other cases where the design and print are separate from purchase of the product to be printed.  This universal template is usable for virtually ANY base product (please respect the printable aspect ratio limitation of your base product).

Scroll through the “stages” (templates) on the design area to find the universal background template appropriate for your item.  Choices are generic shirt front, generic shirt back, and blank flat canvas (landscape or portrait).  Color of template selected is only for the benefit of your visualization during the design process.

In addition to a print file, this Zwik Designer item will result in a price ONLY for the printing service. (This is done differently than the products that we list in our “Low Minimum Order” section that do have the Zwik Designer linked to a specific SKU template, and that also combine together base product and print pricing.)