Use our Request Quote & Upload Form to request ANY quotes.   For BIG Catalog purchases, please also submit the shopping cart “send message” inquiry from the BIG Catalog (our support team will match together the 2 parts of information to respond).

Customizable Apparel:
  • BASICS – NO minimum
  • BIG Catalog – Orders under $200 (total order) are subject to a $30 surcharge.  (*does not apply to embroidery)
Ready-to-Wear (RTW) Apparel:  NO minimum
Embroidery:  The embroidery minimum is by number of pieces rather than dollar amount.  Current info is (not yet avail. coming soon).
Custom DTF Transfers:  NO minimum


BASICS – printing prices:  The price table for printing for the BASICS Collection can be found in the Zwik Designer application (go to the “Product” tab in Zwik Designer menu, then click on “Details” for print price table).  After color, quantity, sizes, and artwork placements are entered, Zwik Designer will automatically calculate finished product prices (use coupon code for printing more than one side).

Printing more than one side from the BASICS Collection?
Use the multi-placement coupon code to save!

BIG Catalog – pricing including both product and printing is provided as a custom quote (refer to the BIG Catalog process).

Custom DTF transfer prints – pricing is found here.

Embroidery – (coming soon).

Coupon Codes, Promos, & Deals – can be found here.



Preferred file formats are SVG or PNG.  Many other formats will be accepted, including PDF, JPG, JPEG, TIF, and TIFF. 

Bitmap files are recommended to be 300ppi resolution at the enlarged printed size for print image to be of the highest quality.  That means, for example, if your image is going to be 8″ x 10″, then the pixel dimensions you should find in file properties would be (8″ x 300ppi) x (10″ x 300ppi) = 2400 x 3000 pixel dimension for highest quality.

If you are unsure about resolution or any aspect of your artwork, PLEASE ASK!


If you are ordering from BASICS, then Zwik Designer will be the normal process to submit your artwork.  However, for various reasons you may decide your better way is to use the Quote Request & Upload Form.  In that case, use the dummy image placeholder(s) in Zwik Designer so that  printing costs can be properly calculated for the order (refer to Zwik Designer FAQ)


If you are ordering from the BIG Catalog, the the Quote Request & Upload Form is the normal process to submit artwork.  However, if you would like to use Zwik Designer as a design tool, then also use it as your method to upload your design for your quote request.  Use the “universal template” (refer to Zwik Designer FAQ – “universal template”).


When selecting DTF item to put in shopping cart, you will be able to select the option to either use Zwik Designer or use the upload form (may also email, but not preferred).


For quotes, please use the Quote Request & Upload Form.

ZWIK DESIGNER - Customization Tool

Users’ designs may be created, uploaded, and edited in the Zwik Designer customization tool.

  1. View the Zwik Designer Tour when you open the application.  If it does not show up, the “do not show again” option may be selected, and will reset to open the tour if you clear your cookies and cache (or open incognito).
  2. Click Help: Zwik Designer Tool here or under the website main menu.
  3. There is a limited amount information under the “help” menu  INSIDE Zwik Designer.
  4. Use our Contact form for any questions or problems .

Below are several scenarios in using Zwik Designer.

1)  How to Import your existing graphics into Zwik Designer

To import your pre-existing artwork into Zwik Designer, find the “Upload” button under the “Images” menu tab.  Your design may then be edited in Zwik Designer. 

Upload through ZD
Upload button location

2)  BASICS Collection: 

Use Zwik Designer to place a BASICS Collection order, but not to submit your existing artwork.  Use the “Quote Request and Upload Form” to submit artwork.

Complete your order in Zwik Designer by using the dummy image placeholder(s) there instead of your actual design, so that the printing charges can be properly calculated.  Then, just use our easy “Quote Request & Upload Form” to transmit your artwork.

The image placeholder can be found with the “Library” button, under the “Images” menu tab in Zwik Designer.  Place one image on each side being printed.

Placeholder in Zwik Designer
Placeholder in Zwik Designer

3)  BIG Catalog: 

Use Zwik Designer as a design tool and then upload your design to us from Zwik Designer as an alternative to using the upload form.  

Use Zwik Designer’s Universal Template when using the BIG Catalog for purchasing.

The universal/generic template may be used to design for ANY product.  It can be used instead of our Upload Form if you do not have ready artwork, and would like to use Zwik Designer to create and/or edit your design.


Your artwork is submitted to our support team through the shopping cart checkout process.  There is NO cost associated with submitting artwork with this item 

There are 4 template pages available in this item.
Scroll through the available views (“stages”) from within Zwik Designer to use most appropriate universal/generic/blank template (the icon button is on the right side of the design space) .

The four available template pages are:
  • Rectangular Portrait
  • Rectangular Landscape
  • Generic Shirt Front
  • Generic Shirt Back
Then, you may then either import your artwork through the “Images” tab/”Upload”, OR create a new design.

Click above to proceed to Zwik Designer Customizer

    • FREE S/H for orders over $150.
    • Apparel & Accessories:  We estimate the actual carrier shipping charge, and pass the cost through without markup.  We will NOT shock you after you’ve made it all the way through checkout with an inflated charge.  Please let us know if you experience any issues with our calculation.  Shipping charges start around $4.95 for USPS First Class shipments (under 1 pound).  


Anywhere in the U.S.

  • Apparel & Accessories:
    FREE S/H for ALL apparel & accessory orders.
  • DTF Transfer Film: 
    Flat $12.45 per order S/H, regardless of quantity.


We are located in Palatine, Illinois.  We do not have a public space.  Order pickups may be arranged by APPOINTMENT ONLY by contacting support and may be subject to a handling fee (it is more convenient for us to ship).  


After we ship, there may be a delay in our manually posting the tracking data to your account.

Sizing information can be found here.
Color information can be found here.


Unless otherwise agreed to between buyer and Zwik prior to the production of an order (typically by specific customer request) Zwik shall determine, at its discretion, the best printing method to be utilized for any specific job order.  Typical print methods are DTF, HTV and sublimation.

Factors that affect print method selection include quantity, number of colors, type of colors, and design complexity/detail.

Print methods we utilize meet a minimum standard of quality in detail, color, and washability/durability.  Characteristics may differ from each other in ways such as the “hand” or feel of the print.  Please let us know if you have a print method preference or questions when you place your order (before it is printed).

Print methods include (but are not limited to):

  • Screen Printing (Silkscreen, Serigraph)
  • HTV (Heat Transfer Vinyl)
  • Dye Sublimation
  • DTF (Direct to Film, Digital Transfer Film)
  • WTL (White Toner Laser)
  • DTG (Direct to Garment)
  • Plastisol Transfer
  • Other heat transfer methods
  • Crayon (no, just kidding, but we’ve done some nice stencil painted shirts)

WASH INSTRUCTIONS (for maximum wear)

You can expect your Zwik printed garment to have the washability and durability of similar products.  The life of your printed garment can be extended and maximized by following these wash procedures:

  • Machine wash cold, inside out, with like colors
  • Mild detergent, do not bleach
  • Tumble dry, low heat
  • Do not iron decoration

Freaky Deaky Zwik

Q:  Is it true that the name “Zwik” would be considered “freaky deaky Dutch” by Austin Powers?
A:  Answer

Copyright and Trademark Complaints

Q:  How do I complain about an intellectual property violation?
A:  We endeavor to prevent unauthorized use of copyrights and trademarks.  Unfortunately, it is difficult to prevent them all with artwork presented to us from outside sources.  Please contact us with any issues and we will work in good faith to remedy them.
Zwik Designer
Upload your artwork through the Zwik Designer “images” tab, OR create a new design.
Scroll through available views (“stages”) from within the the Zwik Designer design space to use most appropriate universal/generic/blank template:
  • rectangular portrait
  • rectangular landscape
  • generic shirt front
  • generic shirt back

Click above to proceed to Zwik Designer

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