Color Info (help)



Blank Product Colors: Color representations of blank products in the Zwik Designer application are computer generated based on manufacturers’ Pantone PMS color codes. These may not appear as accurately as product photographs.

Printed Product Colors:  We try to match colors as close as we are able, but printed product colors may not be identical to the artwork submitted or selected by the buyer without Pantone color matching.

There can be several reasons for these normal variations between a representation as viewed on an electronic display (or printed on paper), and physical products. Sometimes, it is dependent on printing the materials available (e.g. HTV, screen print ink). Commonly, it is due to the many variables in the creation and presentation of digital/electronic media.  

Electronic Source and Display Variations: There are many factors that may affect appearance variation between the colors seen on your display and the colors printed on the physical product. These factors include that the digital appearance of ALL colors (from any source) on any electronic screen will vary according to the display’s hardware properties, settings, ambient lighting, etc. There are similar characteristic limitations of the original source image (camera hardware, settings, photo lighting, etc) that can contribute to a difference in appearance between digital display and physical product.

Pantone PMS Color: PMS color matching may be available as a separate service for your project, additional fees apply.

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