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      • More information: HELP/Zwik Designer

        Best results using Zwik Designer: desktop or tablet (not phone).

        Click on Images tab to upload your own design: SVG (preferred) PNG, JPG (300dpi minimum resolution recommended for bitmap files)

        (for BASIC products, NOT relevant to BIG Catalog items)
        After adding the first color (with related quantities of sizes) to Cart , "X" out of the subsequent pop-up window, then continue to add additional colors to Cart.

        BASE PRICE
        For our Basic products, the base price is initially displayed in the "PRODUCT" tab in Zwik Designer. The SKU base price may vary for larger sizes. To view any upcharges, mouseover any dot to the right of the size at the bottom of the "PRODUCTS" panel.

        For Big Catalog the base product price will show as $0.00, and added to printing price separately/manually.

        Print pricing is applied separately to the product base price. Print Price List Table can be found by clicking on "Details" in Print Price.

        To view the current pricing calculation for this item, click the link labeled "Price calculation formula" on the bottom of the "PRODUCT" information pane (scroll all the way down panel).

        (Base product price will be included for BASIC items, BIG Catalog items will ONLY show print price.)

        For information on color accuracy, please refer to Color Information

        Zwik will manually review and correct submitted orders to ensure accuracy of color/price calculations made by Zwik Designer (and we'll also review design quality).
      • Zwik Designer Tour - REPLAY SLIDESHOW

        If the Zwik Designer Tour slideshow does not automatically display on startup or reload, then the "Do Not Show Again" checkmark box was selected.

        To restore display of TOUR slideshow, clear your cookies and cache, then reload Zwik Designer and the Tour should automatically replay.

      • ctrl+a Select all objects
        ctrl+d Double the activate object
        ctrl+e Clear all objects
        ctrl+s Save current stage to my design
        ctrl+o Open a file to import design
        ctrl+p Print
        ctrl++ Zoom out
        ctrl+- Zoom in
        ctrl+0 Reset zoom
        ctrl+z Undo changes
        ctrl+shift+z Redo changes
        ctrl+shift+s Download current design
        delete Delete the activate object
        Move the activate object to left
        Move the activate object to top
        Move the activate object to right
        Move the activate object to bottom
        shift+ Move the activate object to left 10px
        shift+ Move the activate object to top 10px
        shift+ Move the activate object to right 10px
        shift+ Move the activate object to bottom 10px
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      Free drawing mode

        Tips: Mouse wheel on the canvas to quick change the brush size
          • Start designing by adding objects from the left side
          • All selected objects are grouped | Ungroup?
          • Group objects Group the position of selected objects
            • Fill options

            • Options
              • Automatically align the position of
                the active object with other objects
              • ON: Keep all current objects and append the template into
                OFF: Clear all objects before installing the template
              • Replace the selected image object instead of creating a new one
            • Replace image
            • Crop
            • Mask
              • Select mask layer

            • Remove background
              • Remove background

              • Deep:

              • Mode:

            • Filters
              • Filters

                • Original
                • B&W
                • Satya
                • Doris
                • Sanna
                • Vintage
                • Gordon
                • Carl
                • Shaan
                • Tonny
                • Peter
                • Greg
                • Josh
                • Karen
                • Melissa
                • Salomon
                • Sophia
                • Adrian
                • Roxy
                • Singe
                • Borg
                • Ventura
                • Andy
                • Vivid
                • Purple
                • Thresh
                • Aqua
                • Edge wood
                • Aladin
                • Amber
                • Anne
                • Doug
                • Earl
                • Kevin
                • Polak
                • Stan

              • Brightness:

              • Saturation:

              • Contrast:

            • Clear Filters
            • Click then drag the mouse to start drawing. Ctrl+Z = undo, Ctrl+Shift+Z = redo
            • QRCode text
            • Fill options
              • Fill options

                • Transparent:

                • Stroke width:

                • Stroke color:

              • Ungroup position
              • Arrange layers
              • Position
                • Object position

                  Lock object position:

                • Center vertical
                • Top left
                • Top center
                • Top right
                • Center Horizontal
                • Middle left
                • Middle center
                • Middle right
                • Press ← ↑ → ↓ to move 1 px,
                  Hit simultaneously SHIFT key to move 10px
                • Bottom left
                • Bottom center
                • Bottom right
              • Transforms
                • Rotate:

                • Skew X:

                • Skew Y:

                • Flip X:
                  Flip Y:

                  Free transform by press SHIFT+⤡

              • Font family
              • Edit text
                • Edit text

                • Font size:

                • Letter spacing

                • Line height

              • Text Effects
                • Text effects

                • Radius

                • Spacing

                • Curve

                • Height

                • Offset

                • Trident

              • Text align
              • Uppercase / Lowercase
              • Font weight bold
              • Text style italic
              • Text underline
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