2) Epson XP15000 Printers with Accessories Bundle – Freshly Refurbished by Epson



I have migrated to commercial grade printers and no longer need this equipment.  The combined value is really a pretty good deal including free shipping.  This equipment may be used with Epson pigment ink or DTF ink.  Sorry, support is not included and I recommend buyer have familiarity with this equipment if you intend on using it for DTF. No instructions are included, but of course, may be easily found on internet. I will answer any questions about identifying products in packaging.

Qty 2) Epson XP15000 printers, both FRESHLY  refurbished by Epson (still originally taped shut by Epson, unopened)

including 2 power cords, 2 rear paper feeders, 2 internal ink waste tanks.

Also included are these additional parts for XP15000’s:

2) Complete Sets of 6 Epson OEM Ink Carts  in original unopened sealed plastic bags – 12 carts (New)

5) Epson OEM individual ink carts in original unopened sealed plastic bags (New)

x) 3rd party unbranded refillable ink carts, (New)

x) Epson OEM individual ink carts with pigment ink flushed out (ready for ink refill, DTF ink or other)

4 ) Extra ink waste tanks. in addition to the two that are already inside unopened printer. These were Used in previous machines. These have original sponges, some unused and some used but rinsed out of all ink (may have some discoloration from rinsed out ink, one tank had originally new dark grey colored sponges).  I recommend removing sponges and filling waste tanks with tightly rolled paper towel for easy disposal/cleaning, You can use an internal waste tank instead, but personally I found just leaving off the top plastic from waste tank and leaving the front cover off printer for tank access is convenient, then just change paper towel absorber and reset)

1)  Electronic waste tank resetter (Used – functioning but one pin a little loose, perfectly usable with appropriate gentle care)

1)  3rd party CISS – 3rd party carts for these included but counted separately (New)

12) Syringes w/needle tips and tip covers for filling carts (New)

1) Extra rear paper feeder (Used, excellent condition)

Warranty: This equipment is warrantied to be as represented in this listing and in expected working order upon arrival. Report any discrepancies within 5 days of arrival.

Additionally, there are a several sets of both OEM and 3rd party cartridges containing either DTF ink or cleaning solution that I have filled.  Consider these used ink carts as a free bonus not part of the price, and AS-IS, NO warranty.  They have been sitting around since mid-July 2022 and I can not vouch for their usability.  I think at least most should be usable, I really don’t know.  If you want to use them, I would recommend flushing out DTF ink from the couple of sets that still are full with DTF to prevent any clogs. These items are listed below:

These additional bonus items include:

x) OEM carts that have DTF ink in them (recommend buyer to flush them out, then refill. (Used)

x) 3rd party unbranded refillable ink carts, filled with with DTF ink cleaning solution, 1 with broken clip cover (Used)

13) OEM ink cart chips, used for install – partially used Some with identifying chip numbers to colors, some without (which may be more work to figure out which chips go to which colors than worth)

FREE shipping anywhere in USA.  Will ship in multiple boxes.

NOTE: Please ignore phrase “Email Artwork” label on the button to place this item in shopping cart for purchase, it is not relevant to this item.


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