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Direct to Film

Digital Transfer Film

High Quality    FULL COLOR
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You Design
1) Upload your artwork through our Zwik Designer tool’s “images” tab, or create/edit your artwork directly in Zwik Designer. Select product to start.
2) Email your artwork to [email protected].
We Print

We produce your professional quality custom DTF heat transfers using the highest quality inks, adhesive coatings, and PET film.

You Press

Use a commercial heat press to DIY heat transfer the DTF film onto your apparel.

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Custom DTF Transfer Products

No Minimum Order
Excellent Color, Stretchability, Durability & Feel


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  • Print area: 8.0″ x 8.7″        see item for pricing
  • Print area: 11.4″ x 13.5″      see item for pricing
  • Print area: 12.7″ x 16″        see item for pricing

Turnaround Time (TAT)

Currently, for orders up to 20 DTF sheets, the average time to ship is approximately 3 business days (noon CST cutoff time).  For larger orders, typically 3-5 business days.  

However,  please allow up to 10 business days, as factors such as overall volume can affect current turnaround time.  Please check with us before ordering if TAT is a critical concern.  (Expedited service options coming soon.)


FREE SHIPPING for orders $150 and over.
$12.45 per order for USPS Priority S/H.

Blind Shipping

We can blind drop ship directly to your DTF customers upon request. Our identifying names and logos are removed from packaging, address label, and no packing list is included.

Storing Transfers

Store your DTF transfers in a plastic bag in a cool dry place, and they will keep for years.

Custom DTF Transfers

Heat Press Instructions


We use top quality inks, adhesive, and PET film in our transfers. Within the industry you may find slight variations in DTF heat press instructions even with materials of similar composition. You can follow your own tried and true DTF press procedures that are optimized for your specific fabrics, with your own equipment, and the amount of ink and detail typical of your designs. Or, follow our recommended fairly standard directions:
  1. Temperature:
    • Preheat press
    • Cotton and most fabrics: 305(F) degrees
    • 100% polyester and other heat sensitive fabrics: 285(F) for 100% polyester materials.  Adjust accordingly for heat sensitive fabrics.
  2. Pre-press material for 5 seconds to remove moisture.
  3. Align the transfer where you want it.
  4. Use Teflon cover sheet.
  5. Time & Pressure:
    • Cotton and most fabrics: press with FIRM pressure for 12-15 seconds.
        • 100% polyester and other heat sensitive fabrics: press with MEDIUM pressure for 12 seconds.
  6. Let the DTF transfer cool somewhat (advised even for “hot peel” film), then peel film back (not up) in a single, smooth motion.
    • If small details attempt to lift with peel because still too hot, you may need to press shorter and/or let cool longer.
    • Or, if not sticking well in the first place, you may need to press longer and/or add pressure.
    • It may be trial and error for best results.
  7. Second press is recommended.
    • Benefits are softer hand feel, improved durability, and will remediate any visible adhesive residue that may occasionally remain on garment.
    • To a small degree, second press will mute vivid color.
    • Cover with Teflon sheet (textured Teflon for best results) and press the second time for 8 seconds.
Wait 24 hours before stretching or washing.


DTF custom transfers work great on a wide variety of substrates including cotton, polyester, blends, silk, nylon, rayon, treated leather, dark and light fabrics.

Gang Sheets

We accept gang sheets you create, no additional charge.

    • We do not cut and trim apart.
    • Make your own gang sheet file.  (We may gang together images by request, if practical, but may be subject to additional fee.)

Artwork Preparation


    • Print the artwork as submitted unless otherwise instructed.  We MAY knockout a design color that is the same as shirt color without request where it is conventional (i.e. white or black), unless instructed not to.
    • Artwork we perform upon your request, including background removal, color change, cleanup, added elements, or editing may require a fee.  
    • Print file as size specified, or if not specified largest size for selected media (at 300dpi minimum).
    • Mirror image for proper printing (you must notify us if it is already mirrored, unless obvious like backwards text).


    • Specify desired print size in “Order notes” at purchase checkout or email, or, by default, we will assume enlarge to largest print size for selected media at 300dpi minimum.
    • Submit artwork as you want it printed, or provide explicit instructions for changes.
    • 300ppi recommended at full enlarged image print size for highest quality results. 200ppi for usually good to OK results.  Quality results below 200ppi  resolution is AT YOUR RISK (is dependant ON SPECIFIC ARTWORK detail and colors).
    • Do NOT mirror the image for printing.
    • For softer hand feel, avoid large solid areas in design, knockout design colors same as shirt background color, or halftone. 
    • PNG, JPG, JPEG, SVG, or PDF file formats are preferred. Two options:
      • Email: any of those file types.
      • Zwik Designer: may have upload limitations on some file types.
    • Set background to transparent (some file formats allow) or assume background will be printed in most cases.
    • Change transparent colors to be printed to spot colors (recommended).
    • Create your own gang sheet file, if desired. (we do no cut/trim)
    • REQUIRED:  Use commercial heat press, not household iron.

Color Matching

Color matching of transfer colors to original (submitted) artwork colors may not be exact for a variety of reasons.

Artwork Services

Limited artwork services available starting at $20.
    • background removal (to transparency)
    • simple color change
    • text layout, font selection
    • add simple design element (clipart)
    • cleanup rough bitmap edges
    • vectorize

Submit Artwork

Submit your artwork through Zwik Designer or by email.

Using Email

Email your graphic file(s) to [email protected].

Using Zwik Designer

Click the “Customize” button from within the specific item listing to use our free online Zwik Designer tool to submit artwork for your DTF custom transfers.

Zwik Designer -screen2

Zwik Designer

    • Upload your artwork through the “images” tab in Zwik Designer, or use the tool to create and edit a new design, or email us your artwork.
    • Choose from a huge library of editable templates, images and artwork as a starting point or as finished designs.
    • Zwik Designer has many great powerful features and is easy to use.

Low Quality Artwork – No Refunds

No refunds as a result of low quality original (submitted) artwork.